Record a duet with Will Martin

NZD $14,100.00

( GB£7,900 approx )

By purchasing this, you earn the right to nominate a person to RECORD A DUET WITH WILL !!

The first step will be to choose your song, which will then be arranged for and recorded with full orchestra – You’ll then be guided through the entire recording process by Will himself, when he joins you in studio to assist you in getting the most out of your studio experience … before you observe him record his vocal to blend and harmonise with yours !!

Finally, once the final product is created, you will have an additional 2 hour Mentoring Meeting with Will, to discuss the best ways to get your new, professionally produced duet heard in the music industry !!

This offer includes 1x PERSONALISED physical copy of BY REQUEST shipped to your address

Date to be agreed on by both parties after purchase
The chosen song must be suitable for Will’s voice type and range

Flight expenses may be additional